"I have worked with Rebecca since about 2012. I can't imagine doing without homeopathy when needed, or without Rebecca's gentle and firm approach to holistic care. I can't recommend this form of treatment or Rebecca more highly."
“Rebecca is very professional and caring and is very skilled and gentle in history taking. I was a GP for many years and am now a Psychotherapist. At the first session I was amazed at how she teased out associations between life events and symptoms that I had not been aware of. I saw a Cardiologist about a new problem. Before the second session I took a new remedy from Rebecca. At the second session the Cardiologist said that he could not understand how and why I had improved so markedly. I just smiled and did not tell him of my homeopathy treatment as I thought it would be too marked a shock for his belief system. I will certainly continue to keep consulting Rebecca and recommending her to others.”
“I had two very bad headaches at the start of my pregnancy. I had a session with Rebecca, got a remedy, and did not have another headache again for my whole pregnancy. My son is now a very healthy 9 year old and has managed to avoid the use of any medications/antibiotics due to Rebecca's help. Rebecca also helps support me emotionally as we deal with these issues - her calm and loving support is something I am so grateful for and would not like to be without.”
“Rebecca is a remarkable therapist who is gifted with a special mix of gentleness, insight and wisdom. Above all she embodies everything that a therapist should be and is at the cutting edge of homeopathic practice. During the time that I have worked with her, I have experienced the first significant improvement in my health in years. “
"Rebecca’s treatment helped me through a serious physical illness and to deal with fallout from traumatic early life experiences, and now regular appointments with her are an essential part of my self-care regime. Rebecca’s responsive, sensitive and non-judgemental approach as a homeopath and practitioner is unique in my experience. For me it is not only her ability to pinpoint remedies which have really helped my physical symptoms (sometimes magically), but also that she is highly perceptive and intuitive around emotional health. Over the time Rebecca has been my homeopath I have seen huge positive changes in my health and well-being. "

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